Denied Sursia's Mod Application.

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Feb 22, 2019
Steam Name: Sursia

SteamID64: 76561198335187718

Age: 17

Discord Name: Sursia#9191

Country & Timezone: Canada, EST.

Are you familiar with SCP:SL? If so, describe it!: SCP:SL is a game containing 6 teams. Class-D people who spawn in light containment and try to get a keycard and escape. Scientists people who spawn in light containment with a keycard, they are also trying to escape from light containment. Mobile Task Force is people who spawn on the surface and are tasked with getting the scientists out. They can detain D-boys (Class-D) to also become MTF when they escape. MTF also need to contain all SCPs that have escaped in order to win. Chaos Insurgency is a team of people who are tasked to get the D-boys and get them to escape, they can detain scientists to become chaos as well. Chaos is able to win with the SCPs alive. There is also Facility Guards who spawn in entry, their job is the same as MTF, get the scientists out. Then there’s SCP team, SCPs are to kill everything (but you know if they wanted to they can team with Chaos and Class-D..) they will try to stop you from escaping or from containing them.

Do you have any previous staff experience?: No. I have just been learning from the mods I see in CA East SCP:SL server. I am very willing to learn how to staff the server and help.

Do you have any IRL leadership experience?: I work as a referee for hockey, that means I need to know the rules lead the pace of the game. If I don’t know the rules and don’t give out the proper punishment someone could get injured.

What makes you better than other applicants?: My job in real life helps me understand the importance of rules. I’m ready to help and active. I’m kind and caring and I would really love to help this community however I can.

How will you help improve our community?: I want to improve by putting the rules down, when people don’t listen to the rules they ruin the game for others making it no fun. I want to help them have fun and have them listen to the rules.

How did you find our community?: I was playing SCP:SL and saw CA-East so I joined and found it was very fun, from then on I kept joining the server having loads of fun.

Anything else?: I love how fun your servers are. I really want to help.


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Jan 21, 2019
@Sursia Thank you for your application, I regret to inform you that we are currently not accepting applications at this time.
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