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  1. Sir Doge

    Accepted Rule addition Section D: Job Rules - Government Officials

    I've spoken with the Directors and we all came to the mutual agreement that they may place a single fading door in the tunnel, and monitor it, but not completely block it. The rule in question will be edited shortly after this post. Suggestion accepted.
  2. Sir Doge

    Denied Add rule that mods shouldn't be able to break their own rules on the server.

    @Magentaformula0, The staff team is not allowed to loophole or violate server rules. If you have an issue with a staff member and discussing it with them has not proved constructive, file a staff report. This is not at all the right way to go about attempting to resolve a potential issue with...
  3. Sir Doge

    Accepted Abstinence777 Staff Application

    @Mr. Beans, After having conducted your interview, I am happy to say that I have decided to accept your application! I will discuss with you the details involving your training. Welcome to the team!
  4. Sir Doge

    Denied DarkRp Staff Application Forum

    @Cum, I'm afraid I have to deny this application at this time. If you have questions, comments, or concerns feel free to DM me on Discord or the forum. Thank you for your interest in the DarkRP division!
  5. Sir Doge

    Accepted Safe Zone Not Being Safe

    This has been corrected. Thank you for your assistance! Patched.
  6. Sir Doge

    Denied 『Blank』

    I'm afraid I'm going to have to deny this application based on the fact that you have both failed to adhere to the format provided, but more importantly, fail to meet our minimum age requirements. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me about them.
  7. Sir Doge

    Accepted Master Thief's Pickpocket

    @GoldenAlpharex, That sounds like a good idea. I'll investigate getting that setup. I won't buff it too much, mind, but they should definitely be faster and quieter than regular thieves. Suggestion accepted.
  8. Sir Doge

    Pending Hit list

    I've done some investigation ingame and couldn't come up with anything concrete. I may test it on the test server with some bots at a later date. This may take some time due to other things going on. I'll leave this as pending until then.
  9. Sir Doge

    Accepted Safe Zone Not Being Safe

    @GoldenAlpharex, I am currently in the process of investigating this issue.
  10. Sir Doge

    Pending Hit list

    @IsAMoofan @GoldenAlpharex, I'm fairly certain this is something to do with how I've configured the hit menu and the cooldown for targets. I'll take a peek at that soon.
  11. Sir Doge

    Denied Durgz

    @GoldenAlpharex, The Durgz mod has been removed. I'll see if Xenvious can include a progress bar for his drugs mod. Players really like pretty bars. However he has a lot of important items on his plate at the moment, so that'll be more a secondary task when he has time. I'm going to go ahead...
  12. Sir Doge

    Denied Bludgeon Allowing You To Take Everything From A Cop

    @GoldenAlpharex, I'll go ahead and petition Mr. DoD to include in his weapon cabinet the ability for officers to be rearmed with their sticks free of charge, as a player brought up the valid point that an officer shouldn't really be capable of immediately arresting their Kidnapper after the...
  13. Sir Doge

    Accepted Abstinence777 Staff Application

    @Mr. Beans, Please get with me within the next 48 hours or I shall have to deny this application on the grounds it has been abandoned.
  14. Sir Doge

    Accepted Staff on Duty job suggestion

    @Slude, Ask and ye shall recieve. The Staff on Duty job now has Chell, G-Man, and the Combine Prison Guard models. Suggestion accepted.
  15. Sir Doge

    Accepted Abstinence777 Staff Application

    @Mr. Beans, Thank you for your interest in staffing for the DarkRP division! After reviewing your application, I'd like to extend an interview! Please approach me on Discord so we can set up a time and date for your interview.
  16. Sir Doge

    Denied Double the MAX Solar Equipment

    Golden basically sums up my opinion on this matter. In the future, I may talk with my development team on making Bitminers more cumbersome for players, because as of now with enough solar panels a player doesn't even need to go back to their base to obtain the profit they create from their...
  17. Sir Doge

    Accepted Make Hitmen and Assassins Allowed to Place Hits

    I like this. It makes for a good roleplay scenario in which multiple hitmen work with one another to take out a single target. Also, money is money, so if a hitman wants to shell out the cash to have someone else do their job - that is ultimately their business. No rules shall be created...
  18. Sir Doge

    Pending Vehicles

    I'm willing to give VIP exactly two seats, and rules will be put in place regarding their use. I'll discuss this with upper management just in case there is anything they bring up that may make me change my tune on this.
  19. Sir Doge

    Denied Job Descriptions

    I can't think of any other pertinent information to put within the job description that isn't already there. If anyone has any ideas, they are more than welcome to DM me. Any job can have bitminers. However, law enforcement can be demoted or fired if they are caught having them. Gonna have to...
  20. Sir Doge

    Denied Weapon Gun Attachments

    This is not possible without changing the weapons pack itself, and myself and others do not wish to do so. Sorry bby. Suggestion denied.