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Holo its me

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Im not good at these. 

Ok so hello, Im GIAnna Eva! You can call me Eva or Evalyyn. I enjoy long walks on the beach and ketchup on my pizza. I can be a very loud person or a very quiet person. Depends on if ive eaten my snacks or not. Oh yeah... I snack alot. They say humans are sustained by things like water or food with nutritional value... Nah.... Pringles, Cashews, Doritos are my fuel. If you can cook im pretty much already in love with you as I love food 2 death. Uhhmm. I also enjoy ranch on my pizza, Should really try it sometime its not half bad. I hate mustard and cantaloupe :classic_wacko:. Hmm how do i finish this off. Oh yes! I sometimes like people, Other times i dont. Just toss me a bag of doritos and we are fine. 

Side note: Doritos must be Nacho Cheese, Any other flavor is just vile. If you bring me a bag of any other flavor you will... You dont wanna know... 

Cheers loves! BYE! 



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7 hours ago, Evalynn said:

ketchup on my pizza.

what in tarnation

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when people ask me to fix SCP:SL

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Posted (edited)

Hello! Welcome to the amazing forums. I hope you have a spectacular time here in Hydra and I hope to see you on the servers! :classic_biggrin:

8 hours ago, Evalynn said:

I enjoy long walks on the beach

Long walks on the beach are very nice, I enjoy them a lot too but mostly in the evenings/night. 🌅  

Edited by Helvane

This is Aidan, he's my favorite stalker in the whole wide world! 

ka9j0Il.png  eYJc3fX.png

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