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  1. +Rep Though Mr Ritzly may not have any experience being staff of any kind the will is still there that he want's to help a community he loves though a previously denied did happen he refused to give up and make another attempt. Though he may not have a crystal clear punishment log history only two offenses both Banned Spots, nothing against STAFF very respectable and I'm sure with the right training and guiding from Hydra Mr Ritzly could be a very will respected moderator and may learn something from us to help him in hes future.
  2. @Capslock I hope you feel sick buddy and get will soon.
  3. +Rep FRZN is outstanding in helping STAFF with other players ruining the experiences on the servers has a crystal clear punishment log history. Knows all the rules that we help enforce on the servers and is very respectable,relaxed,entertaining I believe FRZN would be an amazing addition to our STAFF team.
  4. +Rep After reading your application and playing with you on the hydra servers I believe you would be an amazing addition to our team sense you have a clear understanding of the rules and have a clean punishment history so a plus rep is needed no discussion.
  5. +Rep Sprinkles though I believe we never met, but clearly with the facts stand strong you were a good moderator and you made the rounds more fun. I do hope you get accepted and become a part of hydra gaming again.
  6. You may want to check out some of the accepted applications to get an idea of what lead mods are looking for i'm not denying you in any matter but you might want to put more effort into the application by at least having all fields filled to increase your chances of getting into the Hydra Community as part of our staff for sure.
  7. I have to agree with some extra ammunition would be amazing for Guard Class
  8. [quote name='WolfyLauren'] @Shooter can you make your games view able please? [/QUOTE] Done
  9. Steam Name: Shooter SteamID64: 76561198145825927 Age: 18 Discord Name: Shooter#8075 Country & Timezone: Canada,CST Are you familiar with SCP:SL? If so, describe it!: Yes I am familiar with scp sl it is ment to be a horror game but with players controlling the scp's and everything is by player no ai the funny things that can accrue make the game more enjoyable like bagging for your life from scp's or running for your life screaming or just making everybody laugh including the monsters scp sl is a all round a fun game to play. Awhile the people you can meet can make it very enjoyable and for a free downloadable game you get an amazing multiplayer experience. Do you have any previous staff experience?: Yes I have being a moderator on discord servers I helped by serving their communities and making sure everybody was having a good time and attending to matters that got heated or to far that it required attention I was also a moderator for a small SCP SL server but the only thing I was able to do was move myself to spectate I was able to cool things down when they got heated even though I had like no power in that server but I was able to keep players coming back and continuing to enjoy it, now that server is inactive. Do you have any IRL leadership experience?: I do have real life leadership experiences in elementary through school events I lead groups of kids through play days I was a Raf wich would be someone in grade 8 that would wear a certain vest and watch the play grounds during recess and listen to teachers. In high school I was a co-leaders for two clubs Robotics and Board Game one took place after school on Thursdays awhile the other took place on Tuesdays after school and through these experiences I learnt how to communicate better and ease heated situations and keep everybody having a good time. What makes you better than other applicants?: I would say all my experiences I have already obtained and my personality of being fun to play with and always wanting to help would have to out shine other applicants that are applying. I also believe that being asked by Blizzard to apply could make me better and other active mods that know me. How will you help improve our community?: I will improve the community by using my experience I already have and my personality should improve the community. Im always willing to complete tasks help out when I can also im usually active so im dependable and well be a good assist to the community. Anything else?: I am Shooter and I was referred by Blizzard to apply for staff
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