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  1. Hey guys! I am very happy to announce that our Web & MariaDB migration is complete! Feel free to continue posting, and enjoy! If anyone has any issues please let us know! Please Note: Some users avatars have been corrupted during the migration. If your avatar is corrupted, you will not see any picture - just a box with a broken image icon in it. Please reset your avatar! If a forum staff member sees it first, it will be reset to the default forum avatar. Thanks! ~ Blizzard
  2. +Support Frozen is an extremely active player, and I don't think I've seen him get himself into trouble once. He also seems to like reminding players of the rules, even when it appears no on is on 😉
  3. Testing a new default ammo plugin on CA East #1, setting the default ammo for Facility Guard from 2 clips to 4.
  4. That's not the way the servers work. There is a flag for each server that makes them official which causes them to appear at the top. Only certain servers are flagged as official.
  5. I'd show my case but it's really not anything fancy. I'll give my computer specs instead: My PC Specs Motherboard: ASUS Prime Z370-APSU: EVGA Supernova 750 G2CPU: Intel i7-8700K 6c/12th (turbo boost enabled - up to 4.7 GHz)CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i V2GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 EliteRAM: Patriot Viper 4 - 16GB DDR4 @ 3200 MHz (XMP 2.0)SSD #1: Samsung 860 EVO - 500GBSDD #2: Samsung 970 EVO Plus - 1TB (NVMe)HDD #1: Western Digital Blue - 1TB My Peripherals Monitor 1: Samsung 28" U28H750 (4K)Monitor 2: Samsung 24" S24E348Mouse & Keyboard: Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, Logitech Wireless Mouse.Headset: HyperX Cloud II
  6. We will be removing the COM-15 and giving more ammo to Guards. [Accepted - Not Yet Implemented] [Locked]
  7. Blizzard


    Because the default SCP:SL permissions are shit, this is currently not possible as far as we know. [Denied] [Locked]
  8. Caps wants to see this implemented 😄 [Accepted - Not Yet Implemented] [Locked]
  9. Dex has made a plugin for it <:D [Accepted - Not Yet Implemented] [Locked]
  10. Accepted. We're going to be using a gamemode manager to implement this within the coming week. [Accepted - Not Yet Implented] [Denied]
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