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  1. +Rep I have known EmptyWaterBottle Since he first logged on to our CA East server, He has always been a joy to play with or speak to. Previously, When he first applied I gave him some constructive criticism, he thanked me for that and worked on improving himself, which I respect heavily, as that is a sign on maturity. He is very active on all Hydra servers, Discord, and events! In my personal opinion, I feel he has proved himself the Trial Moderator role. He most definitely deserves a chance to show he can moderate, which I believe he will do great, and be a wonderful part of the Staff team.
  2. -Rep I was on the server when Empty first joined our server. He has been an active member ever since, While I consider him a very humorous and fun individual, at this point in time I don't believe he is ready for staff. There has been a few times were you get yourself into trouble either by taking a joke to far and upseting others, or using language that is borderline inappropriate. (Slurs or edgy jokes etc) However, I think as an individual he definitely has the potential to become a great member of staff with his charm and goofiness! I would suggest trying to work on how you talk to others, try to improve on the maturity levels, and also try not arguing with staff about certain rules that are on the server for a reason. I will happily change to a +Rep when I see some improvements. 😁👍
  3. +Rep I vaguely remember playing with you once, Good application, But the rep mostly because of the adorable GIF. ❤️ P.S. @Lord_Lorden Your rep is not as cool as ours.
  4. I was thinking, and possibly the reason why the servers #1-#4 are not populated anymore, are due to people looking over it, If people know it was the same server host as [CA EAST] They would most likely join it, because [CA EAST] Is always full people join other servers that are not Hydra. If we possibly change the name of even just one of the servers to maybe "[CA east #2] Offical SCP SL server" withe the same Green/Red color text it would get populated and end up on the front page next to the CA EAST server. I think it should be worth a shot, and give it a few days, If it doesn't work change the name back. If it DOES work, Then simply change the other 3 servers to match either [CA EAST #3], or [US WEST #2] for example. Thanks guys! 🙂
  5. I think that the Event Minecraft server went very well, and there is plenty of staff that loved it and kept it populated. It's just a suggestion. 🙂
  6. Steam Name: DakotahJay SteamID64: 76561198087494037 Age: 22. Discord Name: DakotahJay Country & Timezone: Louisiana, USA [Central Timezone] Are you familiar with SCP:SL? If so, describe it! (Limit of 125 words): At the start of each game you spawn as Class-D Personnel, Facility Guard, Scientist, an SCP, or occasionally Chaos-Insurgency. Each class has different roles in the game, D-class's main goal is to escape alive, Facility guards is to save all scientist and kill (Or detain) all D-Class, Scientist's is to escape alive, SCP's are to kill everything in the facility, Chaos-Insurgency is to save all D-class and kill (Or detain) all Scientist. An additional class that will occasionally spawn is MTF (Mobile Task Force) with their main goal being to kill all SCP's, and save Scientist. The game is based on "SCP Containment Breach" game Originally released in 2012. The game is also a great way to make new friends with focus on voice communication. Do you have any previous staff experience?: Yes, I have been Admin/Moderator on several popular Minecraft servers in the past years, Even hosting my own server at one point with my own staff team. I also am apart of an amazing staff team (as a volunteer) at a non-profit organization called The Philadelphia Center located in Shreveport, Louisiana we offer free counseling, testing and HIV medication to the LGBT+ Community as well as many other great things. I have volunteered at several different organizations and plan on continuing to do so in my future! Do you have any IRL leadership experience?: Yes, I have been the GM of several Starbucks Coffee locations in my area, Starting at only 18, being the Youngest store manager in my district. I have also been a supervisor at a Home Decor store (Kirkland's Home Decor). I am enrolled in College at BPCC for a Business entrepreneurship Degree, with leadership classes. I have plans on starting my own Solar-Tech installation Company in the future. What makes you better than other applicants?: I have a lot of experience. I'm very mature and always maintain professionalism. I'm a very caring, loving, happy-go-lucky bright individual who has a love for video games and people. I love to be apart of such a great community here at Hydra. I also have a positive relationship with all of the staff that I have encountered thus far, All of which are really great people who I love to chat and play this great game with! How will you help improve our community?: I can help by being an extra helping hand against Hackers, Mic-Spammers, and rule breakers. I would love to help out in any way I can with my creativity and general problem solving skills. I would love keep the SCP:SL server energy as a positive fun experience for Everyone! How did you find our community?: The first day I downloaded the game I played on a few different servers and instantly fell in love with [CA east]. Anything else?: I love this game and care so much about this community! I am always one to support great organizations and communitys, Video games are such a great stress reliever for so many people and this server has some great people in it to chat and have fun with. That's why I have currently have 170+ hours in game time with 95% of that being on the Hydra servers. I hope to be able to have the opportunity to join the staff in their mission to make Hydra the best gaming community on the internet! Thank you guys! ❤
  7. I would have to agree as well.
  8. Thanks for taking the time out to look into this!
  9. Do you think it would be possible to look in the game files (client side) and find a way to reduce the volume of cassie's announcements and maybe post a tutorial for us less awesome than you? Thanks blizzard! 😁
  10. Hey guys! I know this might only be possible if the game changes it, But there really needs to be an option to reduce the volume of the announcements, It's very hard to hear other players, and other game sounds. It's even worse with the addition to the 079 commands being added (Which I love! 079 is my favorite!) due to the additional announcements, it seems like the games are constantly just the announcer screaming in my ear about everything all at once. If there is a way to reduce the volume that would be wonderful. Thanks!
  11. Yes, exactly the same error I'm referring to!?
  12. Thanks. i've been looking for this!
  13. Steam Name: DakotahJay SteamID64: 76561198087494037 Age: 22. Discord Name: DakotahJay Country & Timezone: LOUISIANA, USA [CENTRAL] Are you familiar with SCP:SL? If so, describe it!: SCP:SL is an AMAZING game with 6 classes. -SCPs SCP 049 "The Doctor" A slow moving SCP With an instant kill hit. Can revive Players they killed. Its really strong if located at the Exit gate when MTF or Chaos Spawns, easily killing all of them in a matter of seconds. Horrible at chasing people though. Can easily be outrun. SCP 079 "Computer" A Purely support SCP that controls the facility. Assists the other SCPs with abilities like turning off the lights, opening doors they normally can't or locking doors infront of targets. SCP 096 "Shy Guy" A slow moving SCP with a rage that triggers when any non scp character looks at its face. Easily avoidable and dies pretty fast. SCP 106 "Larry" A slender humanoid scp that can teleport to people and scoop them up in his pocket dimension. He can also walk through doors but is easily recognized by its loud heavy footsteps. It can be re-contained using the Femur Breaker in its containment room. SCP 173 "Peanut" The Fastest SCP, Can move at extreme speeds and can kill in one hit. It moves freely unless in direct line of sight of a player, when looked at it moves in "Blink Cycles" Its best Countered by A lot of gun fire at once. SCP 939 "Dog" This SCP Can Communicate with other non SCP Players, Moves at the same speed as the human characters and can kill most people in 2 hits. If done correctly it can be outrun though. SCP 914 "Upgrader" A static Non playable SCP thats used by the human characters to upgrade certain items, like guns or key cards. Inaccessible later in the game. -D-Class Death row prisoners used for testing purposes. The goal is to escape and cooperate with chaos. avoid encountering other classes. -Scientist Goal is to escape and cooperate with MTF and Facility Guards, Generally avoid other classes. -Facility Guard Help the Scientist to escape, Detain D-class or execute them, Avoid/Contain SCPs. -Chaos Insurgency Help D-Class to escape. Can be passive with SCPs as they are can benefit from helping to kill other classes. Kill all Scientist, Facility guards, Or MTF. -MTF (Cadet, Lieutenant, Commander) Cadet: Spawns with 100 Health, an MTF Cadet keycard, a P90, Flash Grenade, Weapon manager, and a Radio. Lieutenant: Spawns with 120 Health, an MTF Lieutenant keycard, an Epsilon 11 Rifle, Frag Grenade, Flash Grenade, Weapon Manager, Disarmer and a Radio. Scientist: You spawn as this when you escape as a scientist. Commander: Spawns with 150 Health, an MTF Commander keycard, an Epsilon 11 Rifle, Frag Grenade, Flash Grenade, Weapon Manager, Disarmer and a Radio Do you have any previous staff experience?: I have been admin/moderators on popular Minecraft servers when I was younger. Do you have any IRL leadership experience?: Yes. I have been the GM of several Starbucks Coffee Company locations(I Became a GM at age 18, I was the youngest and one of the most successful managers in my district [Dallas Division]), Have been Supervisor of a home decor retail store, I'm also currently enrolled in college for a business degree. Plans to start up a Solar-Tech company. I feel as if i'm a great leader. What makes you better than other applicants?: I'm very mature and smart, I love this game and love playing it in my free time every other day. I'm a funny, Sociable, Positive, and bubbly person. I can de-escalate situations should they arise. How will you help improve our community?: Helping to get rid of the Mic-Spammers and the people who try to ruin the fun for others. Make the game more enjoyable for the mass majority of people just like me who just want to play the game with other people and have a good time. :) How did you find our community?: After searching many servers, this was the best one. The best moderators, a friendly community. exactly what I wanted. Anything else?: Not much, Other than I love some of the Moderators on the server, I think they are hilarious and great people, I would love to help them out in maintaining the server when they are offline. I'm sure most of them recognize my username as I am frequently on at night. :)
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