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  1. Can you buy me a plane ticket to California??? Thanks. :classic_biggrin:

  2. Name: Risk SteamID: STEAM_1:1:222184334 Current Rank: SCP:SL Moderator
  3. +Rep Ritzly is a hard worker and very dedicated to something when he puts his mind to it. He is always very kind and he is someone I know I can always joke around with. He always tries his best to enforce the rules.
  4. +Rep Whenever I play with Dakotah I always have a good time, Dakotah is always following the rules and is always there for a helping hand. Dakotah would be a great addition to the staff team.
  5. +rep Very fun to play with, lots of people know him and like him. He is fun to talk to (WHEN HE DOES) and is fairly mature for his age.
  6. I completely agree with this not sure which option is better though. I think the eating corpses idea is the better one but not sure if it would be possible to do. I believe that SCP-939 is a basic point and click SCP with the downside of being blind making him easy to counter. His best way of killing people is by mind gaming them into thinking you're a Class-D trying to get into 9-14 which still doesn't work most of the time. I feel as if the 100/200 per kill is a lot unless he can't go over his max HP, If it does allow him to go over his max HP early game he could have the potential of getting around 3500/4000 health.
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