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  1. Hey @Sprinkles1, after reviewing your interview, I am happy to announce that I have decided to accept your application. Welcome to the team.
  2. Hi @Sprinkles1, I have decided that I want to give you an Interview. PM me on Discord so we can set a date and time that fits us both for this.
  3. Hi @GodAndAnime, unfortunately I have to deny your application. If you want specifics feel free to PM me on DIscord. You may reapply on 08/02/19.
  4. Hi @GodAndAnime, right now your application is rather short, I would love to see you flesh it out some more. I will give you time till 07/22/19 to add a little more substance.
  5. Hey @Sprinkles1, since you were Staff some time ago I was trying to see if some people would chip in with opinions on you applying again. I would however like some more Info on your application. Right now It seems seeded a tad thin. If you could edit and spice it up a little till the 21st, I would look at it again and decide on wether to accept or deny.
  6. Hi @EmanKilla05, we recently changed the "game description" part to include a word maximum of 125 words. It would be awesome if you could edit your application to reflect this change.
  7. Hey @YoRHa, after the Interview I have decided to accept your application. Welcome to the team. We will discuss the further proceedings via DMs on Discord.
  8. Hi @YoRHa, after reading your application I decided to move this ahead and invite you for an interview. Send me a DM on Discord so we can schedule the perfect date and time for you.
  9. Hi @MochiKitsune, after giving you that Interview on Discord and reviewing it, I am happy to tell you that your application has been accepted. I will contact you via DMs on Discord for the further proceedings. Welcome to the team.
  10. RP Name: Dexter Mayhem Steam Name: Dex R. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:13806659 Age: 26 Why do you want to Join?: Because I feel like joining an organization in PERP seems like the smart move and I like hangin out with my favourite buddy Xenvious ;) What can you bring into this organization?: A good amount of time, and a good knowledge of shooters (read: My aim isn't shit) Did someone refer you to be in this organization?: No What's the most important rule of the organization In your opinion?: Apart from rule number one for obvious reasons I have to say rule #3 as it builds a sense of community within the organization. What are some of your Weaknesses?: I am a bit of cynic, and maybe I like to goof off a bit too much. What rank would you be interested in?: Chief of Command
  11. Hello once again @DerpyTurtleMan, after reviewing your Interview I am happy to announce that your application is hereby accepted. Welcome to the team buddy. I will contact you via Discord DMs for the further proceedings.
  12. Hey @DerpyTurtleMan, I just finished reading your application and I would like to invite you for an interview. Slide into my DMs on Discord so we can set a date and time for your Interview.
  13. Hi @LiquidBeef, I just read your application, and It's definitly a good one. However I have to deny it due to the fact that we do not accept people who have a game ban in SCP:SL.
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