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  1. @silly rick, Presuming you mean SCP:SL, you'd do so here. Make sure to read the format and follow it, otherwise your application will most likely not be considered.
  2. @imryan22, I've never seen plagiarism, in all of my years moderating and administrating Garry's Mod, as blatant as this. Now, technically, I am not the acting administrator at the moment due to some personal issues that have arisen, and thus BlueNova would be the one to handle this. However, I very much doubt he would take this application seriously, and if he did, I would question his sanity. Application denied. I am unable to determine when you may reapply for a variety of reasons. If you so wish you may get in contact with BlueNova or whomever the acting DarkRP Administrator may be in the future no less than a month from now (unless contacted first) if you are still interested and are willing to make your own application.
  3. Just call me Randy Savage. Helvane I love you but I couldn't resist doing that when the purpose of the post was to tell him to improve his English ❤️
  4. Sirdog

    i wanna be staff

    @poop sock, The 48 hours have elapsed. You may reapply at any time. Application denied.
  5. Sirdog

    i wanna be staff

    @poop sock, Helvane is indeed accurate in his request. I shall give you 48 hours to do so otherwise the application shall be denied. If you have any issues in doing so moving forward, please feel free to DM myself or Helvane.
  6. The purpose of a timer existing on warrants and arrests is purely a gameplay one. It would be unfair for a cop, that simply needs a vote to be as such, to make someone wanted for something that may potentially not even be a warrantable offense, or is something that is absurdly minor, and have to wait until death for it to clear. In any event, my ruling on this matter is that law enforcement, if in active pursuit of a criminal, may continue the pursuit until the suspect is arrested, killed, or successfully escapes - regardless if their warrant or wanted expires during said pursuit. If a criminal escapes, and the wanted or warrant has expired, they should cease pursuit of them. I do not trust players to double check console everytime they see someone who used to be wanted to see if they have died or not. I will alter the rules within the next 24 hours to more clearly express my ruling. Thank you for your time, Magenta. Suggestion accepted.
  7. Sirdog

    BMD Covert Rule

    This suggestion is being denied due to failure to follow the prescribed format. A black market dealer is selling illegal weapons. No rules force a BMD to even have a physical shop. If they do want a physical shop, there should be some sort of effort to make it look like something unrelated to firearms. It helps enrich RP a little and the requirements on this aren't at all too strict. If you see someone failing to adhere to this rule, deal with it. If it is someone not within your authority to correct, grab someone who can. I fail to see how people failing to adhere to the rules is valid justification for why the rule should be removed.
  8. Sirdog

    BMD Covert Rule

    @BBM_Ping, Please follow the DarkRP rules addition or alteration format. I will review it then.
  9. I have no wish to implement something so drastic to the server now that the development team has managed to fix a major error we've been having for weeks now. Perhaps in the far future I may readdress this. Thank you for your time, The DucK. Suggestion denied.
  10. Sirdog

    Custom chat hooks

    As BlueNova explained ingame, these hooks are unnecessary because current implementations ingame are sufficient and BlueNova has plans to push out a better version of them himself in the coming weeks. To repeat what he said, despite this, we thank your efforts! Suggestion denied.
  11. Once Icecube is done with his current task I will ask him to fix this grammatical error. Things like this aren't really deserving of formal bug reports in my opinion. Just tell myself, BlueNova, or any DarkRP Developer about things such as this. To be Patched.
  12. There has not been an issue with PD doors since this bug report was filed. Dismissed.
  13. This has been addressed. Patched.
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