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  1. +Rep Is a cool guy, down to earth and is pretty funny, Would be a good addition to the staff team
  2. Sounds like a fun Idea, I like it.
  3. I'm not artistic enough to suggest any improvements but I do like the Second Pic more. The Horn on the First one does not feel like it fits with the overall design of the piece. Just my take on it.
  4. +rep Dakotahjay knows the game, and knows the rules, he is a pretty chill guy and will overall be a great addition to the staff team.
  5. Very cool, New Forum

  6. Fordrinn may not be a plebe now that he is a mod, but he is still a pleb.
  7. Sounds fun to use
  8. Fordrinn's a nerd
  9. I want to know what you pizza connoisseurs like in a pizza. If you say pineapple on a pizza that isn't a dessert pizza I'll force feed you pineapple pizza until you are sick of pineapples on pizza.
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