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    @EmptyWaterBottle thank you for placing this application i have decided after interviewing you to accept you to staff! welcome to the family!
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    Slight -rep Empty is knowledgeable about the game and can be fun to play with, but he tends to get rambunctious and is pretty excitable. I've seen him occasionally run his mouth (not with anything against the rules, but in a way other players might find distasteful). Mods need to have fun too, but if he got trial I'd want to see a slightly higher level of maturity than I do right now. That said, he's shown a lot of improvement since his last application. I can tell he's actively working on his behaviour and that sort of openness impresses me. He's also volunteered to help me when I needed a few people on an empty server to test game mechanics, so I think he has a lot of potential.
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    +Rep EmptyWaterBottle is a good community member knows the rules and always informs us if somebody is breaking the rules in the server, he is very active on the servers, makes others feel welcome he also communicates with other moderators quite and frankly i would say he deserves a chance to become a trial mod.
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    +Rep. Pretty funny and chill person. Big memer that can take shit seriously when it needs to be.
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    +Rep Empty is overall a fun person to be with, having a wide range of being able to make others laugh and feel right at home. He can be really serious too, devoting and putting his mind to whatever he wants until its completed. In my opinion, hes a must have on the team lads.
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    SteamID64: 76561198126518480 Age: 15 (Though I am pretty mature and not squeaky) Discord Name: Fusioncore22#5501 Country & Timezone: U.K [GMT+1[BST]] Are you familiar with SCP:SL? If so, describe it!: SCP: Secret Laboratory is a free-to-play multiplayer reincarnation of the game, SCP: Containment Breach.The game revamps everything from the old game, while adding in new mechanics and features. To summarise, there are 6 teams, Class-D, Scientists, MTF, Facility Guard, CI and SCPs. The Class-Ds are the main team most players spawn in at the start of each round. They start with no items and must find the scientists or a keycard, which are scattered through the LCZ. When a CD escapes, they become a CI member. The Scientists are a small team of around 2-4 players per round that spawn with a keycard, making it easier to escape. When they escape, they become a MTF Scientist. The MTF squads are teams of players which spawn mid-game to kill SCPs, CI and Class-D. They respawn every 5-7 minutes, though there is a chance a team of CI may spawn. The Chaos Insurgency is like an MTF squad, but with an OP LMG to balance out of the field of the game. We then have Facility Guards. They spawn at the beginning of a round in groups of 1-4. They have minimal gear but enough to get them into the LCZ to upgrade their stuff. Their job is to terminate CDs, but remain away from SCPs. Finally we have the SCPs. This is a group of players who can spawn as either: SCP-173, 049, 096, 939 (2 Instances) and SCP-106. They are formidable and are a tough enemy, with lots of heath and each have their own pros and cons. The round ends with a team wins, such as MTF win, SCP win or a stalemate. There are also map events such as the Alpha Warhead, which, when detonated, limits access to the surface. This is an end-game event. (Yes this is over 125 words but you really cannot summarise in that little word space) Do you have any previous staff experience?: No. However I do want to start my online staffing experience here. I believe I could learn a lot from Hydra's amazing staff, who are always friendly and very supportive. I have talked with a few mods, one of which said they may +rep me, though I won't say that as a shining point, it was a nice compliment though. Actually, change of answer, sort of. I have moderated for some smaller discord servers which don't see much activity, thus I said 'no', though I believe I should say it anyway. Do you have any IRL leadership experience?: I do! At the school I go to currently, I have managed to get myself onto its Student Leadership Team, and I was a Student Ambassador. These roles both require leadership skills and I believe I did pretty well in those roles. Although I'm not old enough for a job, I'm already practicing in leadership through these school jobs. I pride myself on getting such positions, as I enjoy it. I hope joining the staff team could help me improve my skills in this area. What makes you better than other applicants?: What makes me better is that I enjoy this sort of work, moderation and support of a game. I enjoy helping and solving problems between people, and rectifying an issue. It makes me feel like I've accomplished something, and I hope you would understand that. I also am very friendly and have played a good amount of Secret Laboratory, of just over 50 hours. I want to help this community by contributing to its server upkeep and playability. How will you help improve our community?: I can help by being on the Secret Laboratory servers when others are not. I don't know how many GMT moderators you have but I'm guessing not many, as for most of the time I am on Secret Lab, even with a full server, there isn't a moderator online, likely due to time zone issues. My improvement is being a player and staff member who actively will stay on server for hours on end, as I love playing Secret Lab and want to actively contribute to it. How did you find our community?: Amazing. All the staff and people I have talked too in my short time here are very friendly and supportive. One mod helped me with this application process, such as where to find it, which is on this forum. I have a sincere gratitude to him for helping me through my time here, and I hope I can interact with more by becoming part of the staff here. I enjoy the moments on the SL server when some admins or mods make the game more fun, like one time when a mod teamed some players to SCPs who left the game right at the start of the round. You have an amazing community, Hydra gaming, I hope to become part of it more than ever. Anything else?: Although I am young and have no previous staffing experience, I would enjoy the experience being a staff member here, and would learn a lot from it. If I did get an interview, I would do as best as I could. I also put as much effort as possible into this application, and I hope it does well. Thank you. (NOTE: This is my second application, and I have refined it from my old application, so if things look similar, that is why.)
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    @Curtis After reviewing your application i have decided to grant you an interview! message me on discord to schedule a good time to do this.
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    @EmptyWaterBottle Thank you for submitting this application, I have reviewed it and have decided to accept it and would like to schedule an interview with you. Feel free to dm me on discord when you will be available!
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    +Rep I've seen him around plenty of times while I'm on late a night and he's been well behaved. On top of displaying good knowledge of the game itself.
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    +Rep I have known EmptyWaterBottle Since he first logged on to our CA East server, He has always been a joy to play with or speak to. Previously, When he first applied I gave him some constructive criticism, he thanked me for that and worked on improving himself, which I respect heavily, as that is a sign on maturity. He is very active on all Hydra servers, Discord, and events! In my personal opinion, I feel he has proved himself the Trial Moderator role. He most definitely deserves a chance to show he can moderate, which I believe he will do great, and be a wonderful part of the Staff team.
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    Lit my bathtub on fire. Became a furry.
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    Raising Cane's.
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