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  2. Hi @InterestingName, at this time I'm going to deny your mod application. If you have any questions you're more than welcome to DM me over Discord or forum messages. You can re-apply on 9/1/19.
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  4. Hi @Trap I'd like to accept you into staff. Welcome aboard!
  5. Hi @InterestingName I've reviewed your application and i'd like to give you an interview. Contact me over DM's and we can schedule a time to do it.
  6. Hi SimonSimon, I have decided to move forward with your application, and will be DMing you shortly.
  7. Steam Name: SimonSimon SteamID64: 76561198054583694 Age: 17 Discord Name & Tag: SimonSimon#0420 Country & Timezone: Netherlands, CET What is your Mee6 level on the Discord server?: 5 Which role suits you the most: Casters, Events, or Outreach?: Events Why would you be qualified for the role that you picked in the previous question?: I like talking and socializing with people. Organizing an event for multiple people to have a fun time would be right up my alley! Other than that, I've had to organize and set up classes for kids age 10-12. Do you have any previous experience or do you have a link to your channel/profile on a media platform?: As mentioned above, I've had some experience teaching children (age 10-12) about a variety of subjects, for example, chess. Would you be committed to cooperating with fellow members of the Hype Team, dedicating your time to fulfilling your role's requirements and represent Hydra in its best interests?: Of course! I'm happy to meet and cooperate with fellow members of the hype team for the representation of Hydra's interests. I will dedicate as much time as possible to fulfill my role in the community. Do you understand that not hosting any event without telling the Team Leader or the Team Coordinator about it for more than two weeks (14 days) will get you instantly demoted?: I understand that, it is therefore my responsibility to notify the Team Leader or Coordinator when I'm not available to host an event because of school or other business. Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?: Other than socializing and playing games. I've been playing chess for over 10 years on a semi-professional level. After not making the national championships this year I decided to put it on hold for one year.
  8. User's application has been accepted by Smack already. Locking thread.
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  10. Steam Name: Your answer here. Trap SteamID64: Your answer here. 76561198216465868 Age: Your answer here. 23 Discord Name: Your answer here. Trap Country & Timezone: Your answer here. Norway, CEST Are you familiar with SCP:SL? If so, describe it! (Limit of 125 words): Your answer here. I am very familiar with SCP:SL. I have played it for a solid 600+ Hours and know what each individual roles do. The game relies on teamwork between eachother, to beat the other teams that are trying to escape/prevent your escape. There are 6 individual roles; You can play as a D-Class, which main goal is to escape the facility, either with help from Chaos Insurgency, Facility Guards/MTF, or other fellow D-class personel. You can play as a Scientist, which main goal is to escape the facility, similar to D-class personel, either with help from Facility Guards/MTF, or other fellow Scientists. You can play as Facility Guards / MTF (MTF Spawns later in the round), which main goal is to rescue Scientists and kill the SCPs (And optionally rescue D-class). You can play as Chaos Insurgency, which main goal is to rescue the D-class personel (And optionally Scientists), While also getting rid of MTF/Facility Guards. You can play as SCP, which main goal is to kill both D-class, Scientists and MTF/Facility Guards (Optional to kill Chaos Insurgency). Do you have any previous staff experience?: Your answer here. Yes, I have previously been a Senior moderator at Hydra Community for around 5-6 months I believe. I've also had 'leadership' experience in another Teamspeak server with around 30-40+ people. Do you have any IRL leadership experience?: Your answer here. I have gotten both basic leadership experience from school, and I've worked as a leader at my job, which staffed around 20-30 + people. What makes you better than other applicants?: Your answer here. Since I've already been staffed here previously, I believe its a plus knowing both rules, what to do in each situation and teaching other fellow moderators. How will you help improve our community?: Your answer here. I believe that since I am in EU, it will help out having a moderator online at time when it usually isn't staffed (Considering that most moderators are NA, and people tend to not be online at that hour) How did you find our community?: Your answer here. Been part of it for a long time, and back then I found it randomly by playing SCP:SL Anything else?: Your answer here.
  11. +Rep Only had fun times with Interesting Name, I think he would make a great addition to the staff team.
  12. +rep Have had only good run ins with him, also like the short and sweet app
  13. +rep Good application gimbly ❤️ Nice guy. Cool to play with him in scp
  14. Hey @Fusioncore21 I'm going to deny your application at this time because you do not meet multiple requirements. if you would like more information, please DM me on discord @ Gimbly#1032. You may Re-Apply on 8/30/19.
  15. Hello CCW, I have decided to move forward with your application, I will be DMing you shortly.
  16. Hey guys! I am very happy to announce that our Web & MariaDB migration is complete! Feel free to continue posting, and enjoy! If anyone has any issues please let us know! Please Note: Some users avatars have been corrupted during the migration. If your avatar is corrupted, you will not see any picture - just a box with a broken image icon in it. Please reset your avatar! If a forum staff member sees it first, it will be reset to the default forum avatar. Thanks! ~ Blizzard
  17. Locking and moving this thread to the accepted section.
  18. Steam Name: ✪CCW, Intercom's Gate-G-B, but the title might change a bit SteamID64: 76561198135658556 Age: 16 Discord Name & Tag: CCW#2209 Country & Timezone: USA! USA! PST What is your Mee6 level on the Discord server?: 7 Which role suits you the most: Casters, Events, or Outreach?: Caster Why would you be qualified for the role that you picked in the previous question?: Due to my natural charisma and my easy down to earth attitude, I do have the qualities to having an event role. However, It would burn me out quickly, and I have to think of a fun and original event almost everyday. As for casters, I have more experience streaming and being a content corrector, as I am studying and pursuing digital media production. Do you have any previous experience or do you have a link to your channel/profile on a media platform?: As I mentioned before, I used to do E-Sports, but before leaving the team for good, I always default to being part of their stream team! I always had a lot of fun streaming, even if it means I stream just a little bit. Every organization I join, I become the main twitch streamer for the organization/group. I take streaming seriously and try to be semi popular in the future. Would you be committed to cooperating with fellow members of the Hype Team, dedicating your time to fulfilling your role's requirements and represent Hydra in its best interests?: Yes, It's a standard for me to be able to cooperate with everyone! I set my mind out to do anything that I want to do, it's really kind of given. Hydra has that magic that I really like, and makes it easier for me to voice my opinion and to help. Even though school is back in full swing, I'll try as hard is I can to fulfill the duties and requirements to truly be a Hype Team Member! Do you understand that not hosting any event without telling the Team Leader or the Team Coordinator about it for more than two weeks (14 days) will get you instantly demoted?: Yes I've been told about Golden Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?: No not really, I can't really think of what to say smackhack.
  19. @EmptyWaterBottle thank you for placing this application i have decided after interviewing you to accept you to staff! welcome to the family!
  20. yes, if it's being perfectly balanced it would be great as intended to be
  21. Steam Name: InterestingName SteamId64: 76561198353023126 Age: 16 Discord Name and Tag: Snow Mexican/InterestingName #6393 Country & Timezone: Canada & Atlantic Daylight Time (GMT-3?) I've searched it up multiple times and gotten different answers of what GMT it is... I'm very familiar with SCP:SL, I watch many people play the game; Frisky, SR Team and a less known channel Alfez. I also have 128 hours into this great game. All of which has been on Hydra Servers. Previous Staff Experience: No, never really have had any staff experience. I don't have too much IRL leadership experience other than group projects in school. I am a very active person, I can put alot of time onto the servers when others may not be able to be on. I'm usually most active on all days but Wednesday. I will be able to remove the more Toxic players who mic spam and troll. Making it much more enjoyable for everyone else. I find that this community is very welcoming and nice, lots of fun events happen often which is not like the others servers. I found this community right after playing this game for the first time. I saw that CA East was the very first server on the list, and so I played it, after awhile I saw a server message saying they were looking for mods then I joined the discord. I will be 17 in October.
  22. I feel like this would be a very cool addition, however it seems slightly overpowered if given the right abilities. Lets say it works on SCP's. A group of NTF are waiting behind a door, and an SCP, 049 for example, enters the room. He gets shot with the tranq gun, and the NTF all proceed to load bullets into him for whatever the duration of the stun. This would easily be able to wipe out an SCP with almost no effort, merely good aim and a group of willing people. For this reason I believe that if it were to work on SCP's, it should only have 1 round total, almost like a watered down micro that freezes targets. Scenario two. The tranq gun does not work on SCP's, however it works on any player that is not on your team. In this case, I could see it having more than 1 round and would be very helpful for catching stragglers or people running and hiding around the facility. But how long should the tranq last and how many shots should it have? Should there be ammo hidden around the facility? How will one obtain the tranq gun? I could see this as a very fun addition to the game, depending on the parameters of what the gun can do. In addition, after skimming through the video I could not find a single timestamp when the gun had actually worked on another player. It appeared to mostly be missed shots. It also occurred to me that everyone in the video who was using the tranq gun was a part of the server staff.
  23. There is a bug that if 173 kills anyone inside the cage in 012's containment, they get stuck in the cage and cannot move out of it. I fell victim to this bug when I had trapped a dboy into 012's containment. He jumped into the cage in the middle, and I simply killed him. This however, got me stuck in the cage and I was unable to move. Here is a short clip of what happened. I had a word with the guy who I had killed (seemed very experienced), and he said that he knew it was a glitch, and intentionally did it to get me stuck.
  24. Moved to SCP: Secret Laboratory -> Suggestions
  25. guys, there's a new tranquilizer gun in the game, not much servers know about it, but if Hydra gaming makes that gun a real thing , it would be awesome, what it does : _effect : freeze the enemy / he cannot shoot his gun while he cannot move _the duration: basically, i don't know because i only have the footage of the gun's effect, not the duration, so you can develop the time that is logically good _it has one ammo in the magazine, so you gotta reload everytime you use it if Hydra and development team decides to make the gun real, it would be awesome (sorry if i cannot make a good sentence in english, but you got the point from that) the evidence of the gun is real the footage of the gun is in 2:32 , which the gun seems not to work, but i wanted to show you what the gun looked like (in that server, the tranquilizer gun doesn't work on SCP'S) the footage of the gun being used is in 9:28 , that D-boy had the gun so he freezed that scientist, the proof of the gun is not just a USP is that, you see the D-boy that shot that bullet at the scientist, first of all, the scientist did freeze for several seconds because he couldn't change his gun and he didn't move, second proof is , you see the gun that the D-boy holded in his hand when he shot it, it doesn't have ammo anymore so..., it's a tranquiliser gun
  26. SteamID64: 76561198126518480 Age: 15 (Though I am pretty mature and not squeaky) Discord Name: Fusioncore22#5501 Country & Timezone: U.K [GMT+1[BST]] Are you familiar with SCP:SL? If so, describe it!: SCP: Secret Laboratory is a free-to-play multiplayer reincarnation of the game, SCP: Containment Breach.The game revamps everything from the old game, while adding in new mechanics and features. To summarise, there are 6 teams, Class-D, Scientists, MTF, Facility Guard, CI and SCPs. The Class-Ds are the main team most players spawn in at the start of each round. They start with no items and must find the scientists or a keycard, which are scattered through the LCZ. When a CD escapes, they become a CI member. The Scientists are a small team of around 2-4 players per round that spawn with a keycard, making it easier to escape. When they escape, they become a MTF Scientist. The MTF squads are teams of players which spawn mid-game to kill SCPs, CI and Class-D. They respawn every 5-7 minutes, though there is a chance a team of CI may spawn. The Chaos Insurgency is like an MTF squad, but with an OP LMG to balance out of the field of the game. We then have Facility Guards. They spawn at the beginning of a round in groups of 1-4. They have minimal gear but enough to get them into the LCZ to upgrade their stuff. Their job is to terminate CDs, but remain away from SCPs. Finally we have the SCPs. This is a group of players who can spawn as either: SCP-173, 049, 096, 939 (2 Instances) and SCP-106. They are formidable and are a tough enemy, with lots of heath and each have their own pros and cons. The round ends with a team wins, such as MTF win, SCP win or a stalemate. There are also map events such as the Alpha Warhead, which, when detonated, limits access to the surface. This is an end-game event. (Yes this is over 125 words but you really cannot summarise in that little word space) Do you have any previous staff experience?: No. However I do want to start my online staffing experience here. I believe I could learn a lot from Hydra's amazing staff, who are always friendly and very supportive. I have talked with a few mods, one of which said they may +rep me, though I won't say that as a shining point, it was a nice compliment though. Actually, change of answer, sort of. I have moderated for some smaller discord servers which don't see much activity, thus I said 'no', though I believe I should say it anyway. Do you have any IRL leadership experience?: I do! At the school I go to currently, I have managed to get myself onto its Student Leadership Team, and I was a Student Ambassador. These roles both require leadership skills and I believe I did pretty well in those roles. Although I'm not old enough for a job, I'm already practicing in leadership through these school jobs. I pride myself on getting such positions, as I enjoy it. I hope joining the staff team could help me improve my skills in this area. What makes you better than other applicants?: What makes me better is that I enjoy this sort of work, moderation and support of a game. I enjoy helping and solving problems between people, and rectifying an issue. It makes me feel like I've accomplished something, and I hope you would understand that. I also am very friendly and have played a good amount of Secret Laboratory, of just over 50 hours. I want to help this community by contributing to its server upkeep and playability. How will you help improve our community?: I can help by being on the Secret Laboratory servers when others are not. I don't know how many GMT moderators you have but I'm guessing not many, as for most of the time I am on Secret Lab, even with a full server, there isn't a moderator online, likely due to time zone issues. My improvement is being a player and staff member who actively will stay on server for hours on end, as I love playing Secret Lab and want to actively contribute to it. How did you find our community?: Amazing. All the staff and people I have talked too in my short time here are very friendly and supportive. One mod helped me with this application process, such as where to find it, which is on this forum. I have a sincere gratitude to him for helping me through my time here, and I hope I can interact with more by becoming part of the staff here. I enjoy the moments on the SL server when some admins or mods make the game more fun, like one time when a mod teamed some players to SCPs who left the game right at the start of the round. You have an amazing community, Hydra gaming, I hope to become part of it more than ever. Anything else?: Although I am young and have no previous staffing experience, I would enjoy the experience being a staff member here, and would learn a lot from it. If I did get an interview, I would do as best as I could. I also put as much effort as possible into this application, and I hope it does well. Thank you. (NOTE: This is my second application, and I have refined it from my old application, so if things look similar, that is why.)
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